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Essay about Child Labor Nowhere Is Without - 1312 Words

Look down at your clothes. Who do you think made the shirt you’re wearing? How about your shoes? When you look at the tag on your shirt, you find the brand name, and nearly all the time you can tell what country it was made in. When you view the words Made in China, or Made in Vietnam, do you think about what that even means? If you look behind the brand name, go beyond the title, or the product, you spot the real manufacturers, children. Maybe, they’re working at a loom, or on an assembly line, perhaps they’re sewing or stitching, but the one thing you notice more than anything else is that they are working. Some of these children look young, maybe five or six, others are fifteen, but no matter the age, whoever they are, they†¦show more content†¦Unfortunately, they don’t get payed enough to make it worth it. Child laborers are employed everywhere in the world, places like Asia and Africa have a high population of juvenile workers. Sadly the number of exploited adolescents continues to grow. In India minor’s labor makes up 3.6% of it’s entire workforce (LaborAwareness). In addition, about 85% of those children are employed in jobs that involve agricultural work. India is one of the worst examples of child labor abusers. India only represents a minute number. However, world-wide 218 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 are working today (LaborAwareness). Countries like the United States may seem like they would completely abhor the use of child employment, but they are more commonly associated with it than one may think. Citizens of the United States would be surprised at the number of children that work inside of the United States. However, even more shocking would be the instances of United States based companies hiring children to work in sweatshops in other countries. For instance, the well-known Hershey’s Chocolate Company uses cocoa harvested in West Africa by children (View Mixed). Philip Morris, the owner of Marlboro, a company that majors in manufacturing cigarettes, confessed that over 70 children worked on tobacco farms where they buy their tobacco. Even Microsoft had their issues, as their suppliers in China wereShow MoreRelatedThe Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx864 Words   |  4 PagesMarx’s ideals of communism were drawn from the realization that the cycle of revolutions caused by the class struggles throughout history lead society nowhere. Society as a whole was more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes that were directly facing each other—bourgeoisie and proletariat. According to Marx, in order for society to further itself a mass proletarian revolution would have to occur. The bourgeois, who were the employers and owners of the meansRead MoreHuman Trafficking : The United States1250 Words   |  5 PagesWhere does your mind wander when someone talks about child trafficking? Do you think of children from third world countries being kidnapped or sold into the black market of human trafficking? Most of us probably think of human trafficking as being an issue that poor countries just have but, that isn’t the case. Human trafficking is alive and sadly thriving in the United States. According to Trafficking Source Center, 5,544 cases of human trafficking were reported in the United States in 2015. WithRead MoreSummary : Tomorrow Is Not Promised For No One 1693 Words   |  7 Pagesessentially incomparable to Africa. The abundance of resources, supplies, and safety our nation provides for its citizens is something I personally will forever grateful for. On the other hand, in Africa their resources, supplies, and even safety is nowhere near guaranteed due to their lack of financial stability. Natural born African natives are at a complete disadvantage economically, socially, and for some, educationally. One key aspect of the life that African born boys and g irls have on us AmericanRead MoreHard Times Creates Success Essay1641 Words   |  7 Pagesinner city kids struggle daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle, on the boat coming from India Pi has to survive with a tiger causing his everyday to be a struggle for his life and on the Ivory Coast children who suffer from the harsh cocoa factory labor camps struggle to stay healthy and are robbed of a childhood. These writing pieces bring out the different characters struggles and how they overcame it, emphasizing how important their life is and who/what they have to live for. Although Martel, SullivanRead MoreThe Human Of Human Trafficking Essay1235 Words   |  5 PagesAlthough slavery was abolished in 1865, the practice of it is still very alive today. Human trafficking, a form of modern slavery, is the buying and selling of people, whether it s for forced labor or commercial sex. Every year, thousands of adults and children, especially girls, are forced into the endless trafficking rin g. â€Å"The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally† (â€Å"The Facts†). The human trafficking industry is a worldwideRead MoreSiddhartha s Experiences With The Gurus878 Words   |  4 PagesSiddhartha’s experiences with the gurus were full of pain without positive outcomes. He went through several self-punishment, which left him with a weak body that had almost killed him. This experience teaches Siddhartha a lesson that in order to reach the ultimate reality, he should believe in himself and his capacities. People should not put their fate in anyone s hand; therefore, they have to successfully use their brain to not let others misleading them toward failure. Not everything that peopleRead MoreGender Neutrality in Children1009 Words   |  5 PagesSociety today suggest that revealing the â€Å"gender† or â€Å"sex† of a child from the moment of conception forward is a necessi ty. But, in all actuality to some this is an invasion of their privacy and beliefs. Many believe that raising a child gender specific is not important to their upbringing or to their growth and development. Gender is defined with several different meanings such as the behavioral, cultural or psychological traits typically associated with the one sex. The sex of an individualRead MoreThe Triangle Factory Fire Of 1911948 Words   |  4 Pageswere advancements in technology, an abundance of natural resources, cheap labor and investment capital. Industrialization led to the development of factories, which led to the increase in jobs for many immigrants. These advancements clearly overshadowed the harsh working conditions for many of these factory workers. In 1911, The Triangle Factory Fire was a clear representation of the dangers when the focus is on cheap labor production instead of the wellbeing of the factory workers. The TriangleRead MoreThe Is The Best Thing For You1406 Words   |  6 Pagesthese witch-like women who would try to conjure up potions to cure serious ailments. After doing some research on my own I found that they were the first real doctors and that they are just as, if not equally, qualified to deliver children. They are nowhere near as popular as Midwives are not given any credibility as being good health care providers because of the lack of information known about them, in turn making doctors the preferable choice. Midwives have been around for centuries. TheyRead MoreLabor Trafficking And Its Effects On Women And Children1597 Words   |  7 Pages Also known as involuntary servitude, forced labor may result when unscrupulous employers exploit workers made more vulnerable by high rates of unemployment, poverty, crime, discrimination, corruption, political conflict, or cultural acceptance of the practice. Immigrants are particularly vulnerable, but individuals also may be forced into labor in their own countries.(U.S. Department of State, 2008). Labor trafficking targets all, but mainly women and children due to their relative lack of

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The Fight Against Gender Inequality - 1135 Words

Over the past decades, despite people have advances on gender inequality, but the sexism still prevalent in all aspects of life and in most countries around the world. I am a woman. I was born and raised in Vietnam, where gender biased ideology is extremely prevalent throughout society. It is an ideology in which men are considered more important than women. In the spiritual life of Vietnamese, people must have a son to keep their family lineages continuously growing. This pressure is on people from generation to generations. The gender disparity gradually seeps into the minds of Vietnamese people. When I grow up, I learn and admire for the gender equality in most advanced countries in the world, especially the United States. However, after I have been living in the United States for over 5 years; I have realized that although a great deal of progress has been made in the fight against gender disparity, discrimination still occurs, not only between races, but also between men and wo men. According to the article Valley Boys by James Surowiecki, gender discrimination in hiring a staff, giving job position and working environment has occurred in high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter. First, these companies have a gender inequality when they hire a new employee. When I heard the name Silicon Valley, I think immediately about the high-tech. That is a place where the door is opened to anyone who is more talents and more intelligencesShow MoreRelatedWomen played a major role in the fight against inequality and discrimination against female gender1000 Words   |  4 PagesWomen played a major role in the fight against inequality and discrimination against female gender for generations. Throughout the 20th century and up to WWI, most women saw their primary roles as being housewives and mothers, and less than 30 percent of women worked outside the home. That was the context for Demi Hansen’s life but during WWII she became a Rosie the Riveter. Women had no self-representation other than from their husbands and fathers, until WWII when opportunity’s were previouslyRead MoreGender Inequality : A Social Problem1728 Words   |  7 Pagesand where its future lies. The best explanation on why gender inequality is, always has been, and will continue to be a social problem is from the functionalist perspective. Functionalist focus on how a society creates the social problem and then analyzes how and why the social issue has been maintained over the years. The objective reality is that gender inequality has and always will be a major issue in society. The scope of gender inequality has changed drastically over the years, but there is stillRead MoreWomen s Autonomy And Respect Of Women1329 Words   |  6 Pagesthe U.S. and most developed countries, women have gone far in fighting for their equal rights. Gender revolution in the U.S. spreads and has influenced women around the world to call upon equal rights for female. However, understanding that inequalities still remain in present days, female activists and scholars have examined how women and the society in which they live and work can do to eliminate gender bias. Sheryl Sandberg, one o f the few female senior web executives of Facebook, realizes thatRead MoreEssay Gender Inequality in the Filming Industry668 Words   |  3 Pages Gender diversity in the filming industry has been a long standing problem. It is common knowledge that in the movie industry, the male reigns supreme, whether it be leading character roles or the director. Take Star Trek: Into Darkness, for example. The director, J.J. Abrams, is male. Out of the ten leading speaking roles, only three are female, while the rest of the minor speaking roles are also predominantly male. Let’s take another movie, Pacific Rim, into consideration. The director, GuillermoRead MoreWomen Workers In Society Have Been And Still Are Deemed1636 Words   |  7 Pagesthe practices of gender inequality, most importantly thorough the existence of the gender wage gap. The gender wage gap is defined as â€Å"the gap between the median wages for men and women. The gap between men s and women’s wages exists in nearly every occupation, in all industries, in every state, across countries, at all education levels, and in the private, government, and nonprofit sectors† (Wagner, B, 2015). I believe as long as the gender wage gap exists, it allows inequalities between the sexesRead MoreThe Inequality Between Men And Women Based Solely On Gender1025 Words   |  5 Pagesthe inequality between men and women based solely on gender. This dilemma is one that occurs across every continent and has been the subject of many riots, protests, and discussions since the early centuries. Gender inequality can happen in any setting, time, and place. However, gender inequality is highly likely inside the workplace. Many employers discriminate against woman and sometimes then do not even know that what they are saying or doing is considered discrimination. Gender inequality in theRead MoreGender Inequality1640 Words   |  7 Pages Society today often only addresses one side of the gender inequality is sue: the grievances of women. Feminists have fought against the ingrained tradition of women as housewives with no rights and being looked down upon as the lesser sex. The women’s rights movement in the United States has worked tirelessly since 1848 to fight for rights and break down gender barriers. Misogyny and gender constructs, such as the ideal of beauty, hold women back in various aspects of their lives as discussed inRead MoreGender Differences And Gender Equality1171 Words   |  5 Pages Throughout history, gender differences and gender equality have been issues that have faced many social, and unjustifiable conflicts. Women most importantly pay the consequences for wanting equality and justice. Since the beginning of time, women were perceived to be the submissive role in a household, and in the workplace. Fighting for their equal rights women and men are unified to get the same results, to be treated the way they deserve, and to be able to think freely abou t what they standRead MoreEssay on Fighting for Equality and Freedom1229 Words   |  5 Pagescommunism and disparity. All throughout history and some may even argue that still today inequality and racism are prevalent and carry an enormous impact. During the course of WWII, there were many strides to end inequality at home and overseas. While some were fighting to keep our home soil free from foreign threats, others were serving to gain rights and fix all the domestic threats to their freedom. The inequality and racism overseas was a setback, either not allowing certain people to participateRead MoreDubliners By James Joyce s Dubliners1419 Words   |  6 Pagescharacters in Dublin and forbids them from accomplishing their desires and goals; rather than relentlessly trying to conquer the obstacles that stand in their way, they give up on achieving their goals in all. During this time period, many gender inequalities are occurring, and women are often brushed-aside by society and more often than not, are not given nearly any of the same opportunities as the men are given. The women in this society know that despite the degree of any effort put forward to

Little Women speech Free Essays

What is the point, Jo, my darling Jo, has just blatantly displayed that she does not, nor does she wish to, love me. She says that she loves me dearly as a friend but how can that be true if she could refuse me in the way that she did. How could she refuse me†¦ me of all people? We have been the best of friends for such a long time. We will write a custom essay sample on Little Women speech or any similar topic only for you Order Now She mustn’t be as smart as I once thought. She speaks of how wonderful life would be if she had some money and I am offering that to her, but she has refused. Maybe I was wrong to love her. How could I have fallen in love with a girl who is so incredibly masculine and different? But I have and just knowing that she does not love me back, I know she would if she would just try. There isn’t much I can do about it now though, she has made up her mind and if I know Jo as I know I do, once her mind is made up, not even she can change it. Maybe grandfather is right, maybe it is best for me to go away. I do not wish to waste my life here in this room, staring out this window watching the girls all day every day. But I do not wish to leave my Jo behind. She is the reason that I went to college. I graduated with honours for goodness sake, and all for nothing. I suppose I could go and join the family business but I would really rather focus on my music. I don’t understand. Last night she seemed so happy to see me – I was sure she would accept me – she called me a hero. What girl in her right mind would not want a hero? But Jo is not a normal girl, she is †¦ well different and that made me love her all the more. She and her sisters are so incredibly wonderful and their mother reminds me of my own. I have always wanted my mother back and Marmee is so much like her it almost pains me to hear her speak. The way that she looks at the girls, the same way my mother used to look at me and Mr March is like Father. Father went away to war and a couple of weeks later we received news that he died in battle. Mr March, although is not like him, reminds me of him. I guess partly it could have been the thought of having a mother and a father again that I really fell in love with. Maybe Jo, my beautiful Jo, was just a way of getting that again. Good morning/ afternoon Dr Mayne and fellow students. The recount that I have just presented was told from Laurie’s perspective and takes place after Chapter 35, Heartache. This chapter is the scene when Laurie asks Jo to marry him and she refuses. In this recount, Laurie is sitting at his window looking out at the March’s house and contemplating why he asked Jo to marry him and his upcoming trip abroad. Theodore Laurence, or Laurie as he is known, plays a very important role in the book Little Women. He is a member of the wealthy Laurence family and is the heir to the Laurence business. He is a member of the middle-upper class of society. Laurie demonstrates a very different point of view from other men of the time. Being of this class, and asking Jo, a girl who is very much beneath him, to marry him, he challenges the discourse of class very strongly. In the time of the 1860s, it was very much frowned upon to marry beneath you. However, Laurie does not believe that class matters when he asks Jo to marry him. Also he challenges this discourse in that he has always associated with the March family. Laurie challenges both this discourse and the discourse of gender by not wanting to join the family business, as was the custom of the time for men, instead wanting to focus on his music. In addition, he challenges the gender discourse as the males of this time were supposed to be the â€Å"dominant† person in the marriage; however it is clear that he would allow Jo to be dominant. He also challenges this discourse simply by asking Jo to marry him as she is perceived to be very masculine and does not act as a young lady of that era was expected to act. In saying this, however, he also endorses this discourse. As he is wealthier than Jo, Laurie would be the â€Å"breadwinner† for the family, a role traditionally accepted by men at the time. Laurie not only supports Jo and her â€Å"masculine† ways but he often says that the girls are lucky. He does not like the fact that he has to study and he often wishes that he could be like the March girls and not have to study. He also falls in love with Jo even though she does not conform to the ways of the 19th century. In fact, that makes him like her more. Laurie is very kind and respectful towards women, unlike other men of his time, and has a very positive attitude towards them. Although he is expected to, he does not wish to join the family business, however in this recount, he begins to change his mind and feels that the business would actually be good for him. Up until he asks Jo to marry him, Laurie is quite careful with his money. After Jo refuses him though, he begins to spend it all. He wishes he could be freer and be able to do what he likes, like the March girls. This again, challenges the discourse of gender in a way, as he does not wish to act like a male is supposed to act. Laurie is very strong in his belief that women are equal. To coincide with this, he also believes in the equality of class. This is evident throughout the book and most obviously in his interaction with the Marches as a poorer family. A stereotypical male and upper class man of the time would not have associated with a family such as this especially because they are women of a lower class. It is very clear that Laurie is not like these men especially when he asks Jo to marry him. There are many gaps and silences that surround Laurie in this book. One gap that was addressed in the recount was the issue of Laurie’s mother and father. It seems that Laurie’s mother was a lot like Marmee and his father went to war like Mr March. It could be said that this is the real reason that Laurie wants to marry Jo and be a part of the March family. As he says in the recount, â€Å"he has always wanted his mother back† and being a part of the March family may fulfil that desire. While it is very clear in the recount that Laurie is not the typical male – he does not want to study or work in the business and seems to have a more feminine mind – other traits are only hinted at throughout the book. He could have a bit of a temper which is shown in the recount. It could also be said that he is quite selfish as he could just want to marry Jo to be a part of the March family and â€Å"have† a mother and father again. He also spends a lot of the family’s money to make himself feel better after Jo refuses him. The audience is positioned to respond to Laurie in a mixed way. In some cases, the audience is positioned to like Laurie as he does not conform to the â€Å"rules† of the 19th century. He treats women equally and, although they are considered beneath him, treats the Marches as friends. The audience could also sympathise with him when Jo turns him down as he becomes very quiet and is genuinely upset. Theodore Laurence is a very submissive character in the book Little Women. He is very respectful towards women. He is not the stereotypical male due to his belief in the equality of gender and class. Throughout the book he develops a very strong love for Jo March, however, when he asks her to marry him, she refuses. Yes grandfather I will prepare for our trip. I know it will be good for me to travel abroad – I just wish that I wasn’t going alone. I wish with all of my heart that Jo would come with me. How to cite Little Women speech, Papers

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Katy Perry free essay sample

Kathy Perry, is an American recording artist, songwriter, and actress. Perry was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California Success Perrys commercial breakthrough came once she released her first mainstream studio album One of the Boys (2008). This was preceded by the release of her first single l Kissed a Girl. Several successful singles followed, Including Hot n Cold, Thinking of You and Waking up In Vegas.Perry embarked on the Hello Kathy Tour in support of the album. She followed this up with her second studio effort Teenage Dream which was an instant commercial success, topping the album charts in several countries. It spawned five number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 -?California Gurus, Teenage Dream, Firework, E. T. and Last Friday Night ; It became the first album in history recorded by a female artist to achieve (T. G. I. F. ), this, and the second album after Michael Jacksons (1987). We will write a custom essay sample on Katy Perry or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In support of the album, she embarked on the California Dreams Dream was followed by a re-release titled The Complete Confection that spawned an additional number one, Part of Me. {lady gaga : Start small. Carefully cultivated, a niche customer base can grow into something big. Both Gaga and Madonna started out performing in gay clubs, garnering the early support from the gay and dance music community. Then they used that foundation as a springboard to mainstream acceptance by reaching out to an Influential teenage market.

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How To Write A Synthesis Essay Outline, with Example

How To Write A Synthesis Essay Outline, with Example Writing  a Synthesis Essay Outline Introduction writing Thesis writing Main body writing Conclusion writing Outline example On many occasions, students begin tackling their essay assignments before establishing the various attributes that differentiate essays. It is essential, first of all, to understand the various types of papers that exist and their main features before one begins handling their assignment. A synthesis essay can be described as any written work that seeks to make connections between different parts of a paper with the ultimate goal of presenting a unique theme, topic, or viewpoint. Synthesis essays always use a wide range of sources and this helps to support the author’s claim or stance on a particular topic or theme. The expectation here is that the sources will guide the writers in identifying the connection that exists between different sources from whence a solid theme, viewpoint or perspective will be formed. The implication here is that synthesis essays require a lot of research and students should be prepared for such work. Some students are often in the habit of assuming that this type of essays are out-rightly argumentative essays. However, as it will be discussed below, argumentative essays are only a type of synthesis essays. Therefore, it is essential to understand the differing aspects of all essays for one to be able to write a relevant article. Types of Synthesis Essay There are three types of synthesis essays. Details of each are shown below: 1. Argument Argument synthesis essays are a type of assignment  where the author seeks to present their stance or viewpoint, and supports it using facts from relevant sources. The facts provided to help enhance the author’s stance are often arranged in a logical manner. In most occasions, writers develop different thesis statements despite writing about the same topic. The above is allowed because the argument presented is individual and thus opens to interpretation. There can hence be two different theses from the same topic, and each is declared as an excellent work. 2. Review A review is simply described as a discussion of research that was done in the past. However, unlike regular literature reviews, it also entails a critical analysis of the source used. Its main goal is to affirm the need for more research on a particular topic. It thus seeks to determine the loopholes or the shortcomings of previous research discussions. 3. Explanatory Explanatory essays are also known as background synthesis essays. Unlike the argumentative that requires the author to have a stance, here, the author is only required to present facts about an object, state of affairs, or even a place to further the readers’ understanding. The goal or thesis is not as pronounced as when one is dealing with an argument essay because the author’s focus shifts to objectively organizing and presenting facts. In an argument paper, writers can go beyond the sources reading, when they are trying to make their stance clear. However, in an explanatory synthesis essay, authors are not expected to go beyond the facts that are in the sources provided. Structure of a  Synthesis Essay The first important, but overly forgotten bit is the topic selection. Before a writer thinks of an essay structure, it is essential to ensure that tips concerning topic selection are clear. There is one tip that is almost in every online guide, and it entails the selection of a topic that one is familiar with. The above is vital, or necessary, and will help writers to save time especially during the research. Once the topic is established and decided, the next bit involves the structure of the essay. Like all other essays, the synthesis essay has three main parts: the introduction, the main body, and finally the conclusion. Each section needs to follow certain steps and writers need to be familiar with these steps. Below are some tips on how each part needs to be written: Tips concerning introduction writing An introduction presents the readers with a brief discussion of the topic under review. Here, authors need to be creative and ensure that they capture their audiences’ interest, lest they lose them before they even make time to read the rest of the essay. The issue or topic or theme to be discussed should hence be clearly outlined and the author’s stance should be established in the introduction. Tips on thesis writing A thesis is the author’s main idea or perspective and must always be developed before commencing any work on the perfect essay. It is indeed illogical to develop one’s thesis without first reading the sources. Writers must first read the sources provided and then formulate their opinions on the subject or topic. On most occasions, a thesis statement is included in the introduction as the last sentence. Tips on body paragraphs (length, paragraphs, transition words) Synthesis essays often take after the five-paragraph structure and unless stated otherwise, most have five to seven paragraphs as well as six sentences in each paragraph. Transition words help to indicate that the author is on a different point. In some occasions, readers are left to find the points or themselves, and some end up getting mixed up and never even identifying a single point. Transitional words, for example, firstly, subsequently, additionally, etc. help to notify the readers that the author has moved on to the next point. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence, and these help building on the author’s thesis statement. An explanation of the topic sentence is also of the essence. Evidence from the sources used must also be provided, and the significance of whichever source must also be included. Tips on conclusion writing A conclusion can be said to be the easiest of these sections because the author is only expected to state the importance of their stance or viewpoint and provide a summary of the points discussed. While in most occasions authors finish their work flatly, in a synthesis essay one is supposed to be creative and include an ending that will elicit some thoughts from the audience. Example of Outline on Synthesis Essay about Global Warming Introduction Definition of global warming. Briefly mentioning some of the causes of global warming, for example, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, increase in pollution levels, and industrialization. Mention some of the effects of global warming, for example, an increase in temperature, increase in sea levels which subsequently leads to flooding, etc. Thesis statement –assert that the world’s temperature level is rising and that the world needs to work together to help reduce the rate at which the temperature levels are rising. Main Body Paragraph 1–Mention IPCC’s assertion that the world’s sea levels will rise by 7 – 23 inches by the end of the current century. Include why this is important and will help build on the thesis statement. Paragraph 2 –The rise in temperature by 1.4 Fahrenheit degrees since 1880. Provide evidence of the above and mention the significance of this point. Paragraph 3 –The rapid melting of ice in the Arctic and the expectation that the region will soon have an ice free summer. Paragraph 4 –The rapid melting of glaciers with the consequence being increased in the sea levels. How is this point relevant to the thesis statement? Author needs to provide sufficient evidence of this fact. Paragraph 5 –Include the fact that the last two decades of the 20th century have been the hottest in the last 400 years. Evidence must be provided and this point’s relevance included. Conclusion A reassertion that the world’s temperature is steadily rising and how the world needs to be up in arms and strive to forge a way forward. A summary of the points provided in the main body. A question or an open discussion of how the world keeps drawing lines and keeping each other at arm’s length instead of fighting together to help stop the prospect of having to deal with the after-effects of global warming.

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Private Lives by Noel Coward Act One

Private Lives by Noel Coward Act One Private Lives is a play written by Noel Coward, first performed in 1930 on the London stage, starring Adrianne Allen and Laurence Olivier as the supporting characters, Gertrude Lawrence as the female lead (Amanda) and Coward (yes, the playwright himself) in the lead male role (Elyot). This witty comedy explores what happens when ex-spouses encounter one another while on their second honeymoon. During Act One, as the synopsis of the script will indicate, we learn that Amanda and Elyot are not suitably matched with their fellow newlyweds. Instead, despite their natural inclination to be petty and argue with each other, they fall suddenly and madly back in love. But will it last? The Setting of Private Lives Act One of Noel Cowards play takes place in a French hotel overlooking a harbor (with an expensive yacht within view of the characters). The two hotel rooms are side-by-side, each with their own balcony. Elyot and Sybil British couple celebrating their honeymoon. It is Elyots second marriage. She wonders how she compares to Amanda, Elyots first wife. (From five years ago.) He explains that doesnt hate his ex-wife, but he does feel sorry for her. Sybil asks if he could ever love Amanda again. He explains that love should be cozy and not filled with drama and jealousy and rage. She also states that she looks for masculinity within her husband: I like a man to be a man. He speculates that his new, feminine wife has designs to shape his character into some masculine ideal. She objects, but he comments that her plans might be subconscious. After ending the conversation about his ex-wife, he suggests that they go down to the casino. Amanda and Victor After Sybil and Elyot exit, another honeymooning couple appears in the next room. The newlyweds are Victor and Amanda (Thats right Elyots ex-wife.) Victor strikes up a conversation similar to he previous couple. He is curious about Amandas ex-husband. She reveals that she and Elyot physically fought each other on many occasions: VICTOR: He struck you once, didnt he? AMANDA: Oh more than once. VICTOR: Where? AMANDA: Several places. VICTOR: What a cad! AMANDA: I struck him too. Once I broke four gramophone records over his head. It was very satisfying. As they discuss her first marriage and their honeymoon plans, we learn a few contrasts about each character. For example, Sybil hates sunburned women because it seems unladylike. On the other hand, Amanda is anxious to get a sunburn, despite her husbands distaste. We also learn that both Amanda and Elyot are found of gambling, not just at the casino, but taking risks in life. In the middle of their conversation, Victor realizes that he does not really know his new bride very well. He is shocked when she says that she is not a normal person. AMANDA: I think very few people are completely normal really deep down in their private lives it all depends on a combination of circumstances. After a romantic kiss, Victor and Amanda exit to prepare for their evening together. Elyot sits alone on his balcony. Amanda does the same. They do not notice each other until begins singing along to music. Amanda notices him first, and although they are surprised to see each other, they attempt to remain calm. Amanda excuses herself and goes inside. Elyot tries to explain to Sybil that they must leave at once, but he does not reveal the reason. When she refuses to allow them to leave, Sybil bursts into tears as Elyot rages about her stubbornness. In the next room, Amanda is in a similar argument with her husband. However, when Victor remains obstinate she reverts to the truth. But Victor believes that she has only imagined her ex-husband. Victor storms off, headed for the bar. Sybil leaves in hysterics, headed for the downstairs dining room. Elyot and Amanda recall their early days together, reminiscing over the pleasant times and walking through the character flaws that led to their downfall. ELYOT: Were not in love all over again and you know it. She asks about Elyots travels throughout the world. In the middle of that conversation, Elyot confesses that he loves her. He wants her back again. They kiss. He proposes that they escape immediately, but she thinks that they should be honest with their new spouses. He convinces her otherwise and together they leave the hotel room. Victor Meets Sybil Sybil and Victor both enter their respective balconies looking for their missing spouses. Victor chats with her, inviting her for a drink. They look off into a distance, noticing the yacht down in the harbor. Act One ends wondering if Elyot and Amandas whirlwind reconciliation will last, and whether or not the jilted spouses Victor and Sybil will find comfort in one anothers company.

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Essay Writing Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Writing - Essay Example Before delving deep into the governance and economic systems of CBRM, is it important that we consider the problems faced by the province in recent years. It had once grown into an industrial slump, hit by depression and uncertainty. CBRM was perhaps was affected more than any other province in Canada. This gave rise to poor financial condition, poverty and unemployment. Thus, formulating the fiscal and economic policies has become a challenge for CBRM in present times. This paper aims at examining the governing system of CBRM, it fiscal and economic sustainability and policies for the same. This paper throws a good amount of light on the practices, policies undertaken and their outcomes. CBRM holds an important position when it comes to local administration (Impressions of Cape Breton, 1986, p 263). The crisis of DOSDO during 1966- 1967, has shaped up the political map of CBRM. Since then local political sensibility has controlled CBRM’s development, though political strategies implemented by the new government has succeeded in lessening political fragmentation within the province (Gagnon and Keating, 2012, p 110-111). In spite of following the policy of no amalgamation with other municipalities within the province of Nova Scotia, all the municipal corporations cooperate with each other. Generally municipalities which share any similar characteristics cooperate with each other. Thus there exists a relation based on cooperation among CBRM and another municipality HRM. The revenue that is earned is divided among the amalgamated provinces. Therefore, conflicts often occur over fair distribution of provincial revenues. Also, political lobbying also has its say wh en it comes of attention from Canadian government and share of resources (Sancton and Andrew, 2009, p 168). The amalgamation took place as a measure to reduce the annual expenditure. It was